1970 XLCH

This one owner bike had been in storage for something like 30 years and had even accumulated dead snails. It had about 20,000 original miles showing on the odometer. At 71 the owner was finally retiring and wanted it rebuilt as a retirement present to himself. I went through the entire bike, I mean absolutely everything. Completely and totally rebuilt. I think 1970 is my favorite year for Ironheads, nothing is cooler than the scripted Sportster logo on the tank. (1970 is the first and only year that graphic was used in that format.)

So how did the rebuild go? Keep in mind the owner was 71 and this is a kickstart only machine. He picked it up from my shop and put 600 miles in four days. The bike didn't miss a tick and didn't leak a drop of oil. He intends to drive it, a lot...